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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  February 8, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. 11 million vehicles recalled and this morning, toyota drivers finally will be getting some answers what a new report could reveal about the company's safety issues. plus, a major step in the death row debate. what is happening at san quentin today that could allow executions to resume in our state. and a cooldown across the bay area today. the winds are ramping up again with a chance of rain moving into the picture, as well. >> and the wind might cause troubles on the roads but we're also dealing with early-morning roadwork. i'll tell you what areas to avoid coming up. >> good morning. it is tuesday, february 8, i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time is 4:30. and today the government is
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expected to releasing a report on acceleration problems in toyota cars. nearly 100 deaths in the u.s. may be linked to the defects. and as ines ferre tells us, today's report may shed light on whether faulty electronics were a factor. reporter: today's government report could reveal the source of toyota's troubles. transportation officials are expected to release the findings of their 10-month investigation into reports of sudden unintended acceleration, including whether faulty electronics were to blame. since the fall of 2009, toyota has recalled more than 11 million vehicles to fix various safety issues, including sticky gas pedals and problem floor mats. the defects are possibly linked to 93 u.s. deaths including a fatal 2009 high-speed crash outside san diego. >> mm-hm -- >> our accelerator is stuck. we're at 125! >> reporter: toyota has paid
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the government nearly $50 million in record fines for its handling of the recalls. just last year, company executives testified before congress that the problem had nothing to do with electronics. >> we have done extensive testing on the system and we have never found a malfunction that's caused unintended acceleration. >> reporter: the automaker says it's resolved all its safety issues and has installed brake override systems on all new vehicles. still, the company faces scores of potentially devastating lawsuits that could further damage its reputation and bottom line. just this morning, toyota reported a 39% drop in its quarterly profit. ines ferre for cbs news, washington. we have a developing story near dallas, texas. take a look at this! grand prairie, texas, to be exact. this is a huge warehouse fire. it's a multi-alarm fire. and as you can see, it has destroyed much of this warehouse. in fact, part of the roof has
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collapsed. still no word on what caused this fire. but the smoke can be seen for miles. again, a warehouse fire in grand prairie, texas. no word on what was housed in that warehouse but we will continue to follow this developing story out of texas. a high school student is in critical but stable condition this morning after a hit-and- run in east san jose. police say a car struck her early sunday morning on fontaine road near tierra buena drive. she was dragged hundreds of feet down the street. that car never stopped. now 18-year-old erika luna is in the hospital where she has been in surgery twice since sunday morning. doctors say she may never walk again. her family and friends are posting flyers around the neighborhood where they think the driver might live. they are offering a reward to catch that driver. >> any money now, it's hard, you know?
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any money to be able to get it especially in these times. >> the suspect's vehicle is a silver or gray minivan or suv. a federal judge from san jose heads to prison today. judge fogel will be visiting the new death chamber at san quentin. it was rebuilt after fogel ordered a stoppage of executions. the judge will decide if the upgrade is suitable for executions to resume. more pot farms could be coming to oakland. tonight the city council's public safety committee will hold a hearing on a new plan to license large-scale medical marijuana growing operations. one councilwoman proposes allowing five new dispensaries with their own farms off site. and she also wants to allow farms linked to four existing dispensaries. the proposal would cap each farm, though, at 50,000 square feet. previous attempts to allow more
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farms have run into legal problems. a man attending an illegal cockfight has died after being stabbed in the leg by a bird. he was declared dead two hours after being injured last week. a rooster with a knife aknife attached to his limb stabbed him in the calf. an autopsy concluded that he died from an accidental sharp force injury. the sheriff is investigating. so far no one at the cockfight has been arrested. the company that organized sunday's half marathon in san francisco says there was no delay getting help for a collapsed runner, who eventually died. 36-year-old peter hass fell to the ground near the finish line. witnesses said paramedics didn't arrive for 20 minutes and dispatchers said they were given three different addresses. other runners started performing cpr. race organizers say medical technicians arrived within five minutes. the city is now investigating. examiners have not determined a
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cause of death. bay area students who got sick after visiting a marin science county camp have tested positive for the norovirus. 50 adults and students reported flu-like symptoms last week. this is the second school district to have students become sick after visiting the walker creek camp. the illness spread directly between children rather than through contaminated food or water. military officers from north and south korea held talks today inside the demilitarized zone aimed at reducing tensions. south korea's defense media agency provided footage of the meeting. it is the first official dialogue since the north carried out an artillery strike on a south korean island in november, killing four people. today they met in a border village to work out logistics for higher level discussions between their defense chiefs. another day of anti- government protests in egypt. it comes as egyptian president
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hosni mubarak moves to implement reforms promised during two weeks of protest aimed at getting him to leave office. he set up committees to recommend and implement reforms. meanwhile, the white house acknowledges it does not endorse protestors' calls for mubarak to step aside immediately. and the google executive released by egyptian authorities says he was behind the facebook page that helped spark the protests. wael ghonim sobbed yesterday in cairo as he described being blindfolded for much of the two weeks he was held. he said he was snatched off the streets on the third day of protests. but his loved ones didn't know where he was until sunday. [ foreign language ] >> please don't try to make a hero out of me for i am not one. i'm just a guy who has been sleeping for 12 days. the real heroes are the ones who went down in the streets. >> the first thing he did after he was released was go to tahir square again. notes in it for the -- he is
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not in it for th fame. >> his second cousin spoke to reporters at santa clara university where she is a student. the google executive is an egyptian national and works in dubai. mark zuckerberg says he was being stalked by a man on facebook and in real life. the ceo has obtained a restraining order against a man who is ordered to stay 300 yards away from zuckerberg, his sister and girlfriend. the suspect apparently visited several facebook offices attempting to ask zuckerberg for money. there are also reports he was also stopped by security outside zuckerberg's home last month. it is 4:38. let's get our first look at weather and traffic. we'll start with jim bernard. we hope we see a little more sunshine but i know it's changing, the times they are achangin'. >> we have a little more sunshine for you, sydnie. we are not quite into the gloom yet, although we are seeing the cooling continuing. however, it will be brief. we are going to warm up again
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through the end of the week. not as dramatically as last weekend but we'll see a bit of a bump. you see the winds ramping up today. out over the hills we are looking at wind gusts around foster city around 42 miles an hour. in the high country diablo also picking up 40-mile-an-hour winds here as again we will be breezy through the day. temperatures down to near normal as we see upper 50s to low 60s prevailing outside today. that will be our daytime highs as once again the cooling trend will continue through the today, warming slightly through the end of the week before we start talking about the likelihood of rain returning by the weekend. we'll have the details coming up later on. right now a traffic update with gianna. >> good morning. thank you, jim. let's start off at the bay bridge. we have reports of high winds across the span so use caution. also construction westbound bay bridge between the metering lights and treasure island, various lanes closed in effect
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until 5:00. elsewhere roadwork along 880 southbound between broadway and embarcadero, various lanes closed, as well. they should have it re-opened within the next 20 minutes but a windy area. also, here's live look at 880. you see our camera shake a little bit. southbound looking good into hayward. if you are headed through the altamont pass, we have a wind advisory in effect for 580. use caution as you work your way through there. if you are headed near 24 westbound at acalanes, we have an accident clearing to the right shoulder. wind advisory on the san mateo bridge. i'll have that in my next report. back to you. >> thank you. 4:40. some go for the blues, others for the beer. what's behind the closure of one of cal's most popular hangouts -- and elizabeth's hangout. [ laughter ] >> a long time ago. plus a promise to students at california colleges, no fee hikes this year but see why it comes with a catch. and coach is looking a lot more like first class. the thrills one airline is
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adding to its flights and how much it will cost you. ,,,,,,,,,,
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they won't have to pay higher fees this year, as long as good news for cal state and uc students. they won't have to pay higher fees this year as long as californians agree to tax extensions. chancellors say they are not seeking higher student fees, but they say they may be forced to raise tuition if state residents don't agree to extend income, sales and vehicle taxes
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this june. a popular uc-berkeley hangout is closed for good after suffering years of debt. larry blake's was a telegraph avenue icon beloved for its beer, salad dressing and sawdust-covered basement. it's been around for 71 years ago. and even though the building owner slashed rent and invested $350,000 in building improvements, the business still faltered. see what happens? elizabeth graduates, and that's it, they stop selling. [ laughter ] >> whatever. beer. walnut creek is pulling the plug on those bouncy houses. the city is baning inflatable jump houses from all city parks. city leaders say don't have the staff or the resources to regulate them anymore. they also say the bounce houses destroy city lawns, take up 1256 time and make parks less enjoyable for others. they are popular among kids. >> they really like it. >> i understand there's
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insurance liability but, come on, the kids gotta bounce! >> in the past, the city of walnut creek has required paid permits for the jump houses. you could only rent the houses from companies that promised to protect the city from lawsuits. kids love those things. all right. a milestone for smart phones and overseas markets getting a boost this morning. ashley morrison has your moneywatch report. reporter: most asian markets saw gains today the the nikkei hit a nine-month high while hang sang lost a fraction. today wall street gets the latest on the labor market. on monday strong corporate earnings and mergers pushed the dow up 69 while the nasdaq added 14. americans are breaking out the plastic. after two years of cutting back, credit card debt rose 3.5% in december. it's a sign consumers feel more confident about the economy and their own finances, but even with the gains, consumer borrowing is still near 7%
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below the high setback in 2008. the smart phone revolution is far from over. according to the research firm idc, smart phones are now outselling personal computers, a milestone that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. but that also makes them more of a target. this morning, the mcafee antivirus company warnings that cyberthreats to mobile devices are on the rise. that's your moneywatch. for more, stay with in new york, i'm ashley morrison. this summer delta airlines is offering a new section on international flights with more leg room and extra space to recline. they call them economy comfort seats and they will have as much as 4" of additional leg room and recline 50% more than standard economy. but it's going to cost you another $80 to $160 each way. oh, and get this. the new seating class also includes free liquor. time now is 4:45.
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he is a criminal with a conscience. >> i know i did it. i realize that. and i really am sorry to have to do this. >> the caught-on-tape confession this polite robber made before getting away with the cash. >> and chocolate a super food? the new study that says your favorite weakness may be healthier than fruit. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new laws. a month after the shooting rampage in tucson, arizona, legislators are considering some new laws. one would ban large capacity gun machines like those used by the killer in tucson. another would require schools and public agencies to notify health authorities if someone is fired, expelled or suspended because of violent or threatening behavior. a man who came to be known as the polite robber is under arrest. the 65-year-old suspect taken into custody yesterday by
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police in washington. officers say he robbed the seattle gas station but not before saying, please and thank you. surveillance cameras caught it all on tape. >> i know i answer, i realize, that and more i'm really -- i really am sorry to have to do this. but i have kids. >> the sheriff's office says that man is a felon with convictions for forgery and armed robbery. fans of michael jackson will get to see television coverage of the involuntary manslaughter trial of his doctor. yesterday, a california judge said cameras would be allowed as long as they don't interfere with the proceedings. dr. conrad murray has pleaded not guilty in jackson's death from an overdose of powerful drugs. a gradual cooldown will
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continue here. [ no microphone ] >> the microphone is disappearing, seems to create a bit of a problem so we pantomime through the rest of the -- we can do this. we can always do sign language that would come in handy. we are looking at a cooling trend across the area continuing through the day today. gusty northerly winds as we have a mostly clear start out there. but as gianna showed us earlier, over the bridges, 30 to 40-mile-an-hour breezes here this morning. and by this afternoon, we'll continue sunny and cool with gusty winds settling down a bit later this evening. taking a look right now at the satellite picture, we see a weak disturbance slip to the interior yesterday setting up a strong pressure gradient across the region. [ no microphone again ] >> which will once again keep the winds gusty through the day today. we'll look for the pressure gradient to relax a bit by the evening as the winds shift to
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more of an offshore direction. right now we have enough of an onshore push to keep cool temperatures throughout the region. we'll look for upper 50s to low 60s for today as we return to near normal temperatures for this time of year after that big warmup this weekend. and again, out across the east bay mid- to low-60s likely for the hot spots as once again, the cooling trend will continue through today into tomorrow before we see temperatures bump up a couple degrees as the winds set up in more of an offshore direction. north bay more of the same. we are looking for mid- to low- 60s there, even back to the water. upper 50s at the water so a bit of a thermal shock after the temperature ranges we saw this weekend. taking a look at the seven-day forecast, we'll keep it mostly sunny. temperatures bumping up a couple degrees through the end of the week. but nothing compared to what we saw last weekend. and come the weekend we'll bring in a few more clouds and a slight chance of showers
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showing up on the horizon. looks like probably sunday is the best chance at this point for some light rain but a more significant potential for rainfall arrives by midweek of next week. so the main thing to note here is the pattern will be changing by the weekend as we return to where we ought to be for this time 6 year with a little more precipitation expected. right now let's check in on traffic with gianna. >> i'm going to show you the windy spots on the bridges. san mateo bridge live look here. you can see our camera shaking around there. we have a wind advisory in effect. so far though it's been decent speeds between 880 and 101, just 14 minutes between foster city and hayward. bay bridge also one of our windy spots as well as as we jump over to the bay bridge right now. we're seeing construction and wind. wind advisory not in effect but we have records of high winds. we have construction westbound bay bridge as you work your way from the metering lights up to treasure island. so just the upper deck. the lower deck is problem-free
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this morning. if you are headed through the altamont pass wind advisory in effect as well, so use caution on 580. so far, so good, no delays through that portion. westbound 4 at acalanes an accident clearing. a vehicle hilt the center divide is now over to the right shoulder. lots of green on the sensors so traffic doing well away from the accident area. live look at 880 right now, northbound if you're headed near the coliseum, light traffic. southbound not too bad towards hayward but again, another shaky camera so we are dealing with pretty windy conditions along 880, as well. we have roadwork in effect as well southbound 880 from broadway to embarcadero. various lanes closed but they should have that wrapped up within the next 10 minutes, roadwork also on 101 southbound and northbound between old middle field way and rangeford. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you.
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today the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to speed up the process for redevelopment to head the america's cup. the boat race is coming to the city in 2013 and there are plans to tear down historic piers and replace them with new buildings. first the city has to high a consultant to evaluate the environmental impact. today the board will likely vote to skip the normal competitive bidding process for the hire. giants fans who want to buy tickets for opening day can submit their names for a random drawing on the team's website. winners will be able to purchase two tickets for either opening day on april 8 or the first night game on april 9. registration closes on february 27. and winners will be selected on march 1. you got all those dates? the super bowl has just been played and what a super bowl it was. but now there is a lot of uncertainty clouding the next football season. that's because of a labor
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dispute between the nfl and its players. the league wants to add two more games to the regular season. the players want more money. if there is no resolution in about a month, there could be no season. and that would hit the economy of each city that has a team. >> it turns an industry, the visitor industry -- it cuts across everything from those things that you really know and think of immediately from hotels and restaurants, but also attractions, taxicabs, dry cleaners, pretty much everyone at some level affected when the visitor industry is affected. >> the nfl players union says each city could lose about $160 million and 3,000 jobs. the deadline for an agreement is march 4. and the two sides reportedly are more than $1 billion apart. a breakfast staple may have just gotten better for you. we're talking about eggs. a usda review finds that the average amount of cholesterol in one large egg is 14% lower than previously thought.
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that may be because farmers are given hens healthier feed. and another benefit? large eggs have a little more vitamin d than they used to. the usda plans to update nutrition labels on egg cartons. well, valentine's day is just around the corner so go ahead and indulge. gosh that does look good, doesn't it? a new study finds chocolate may actually be healthier for you than fruit juice. researchers at hershey's -- >> right. >> researchers at hershey's the chocolate company compared cocoa products to fruit juice powders and found that dark chocolate had more anti-oxidant power than the juice. so now hershey's is recommending that cocoa powder and dark chocolate be considered super foods. >> i don't know if i believe them but i like it. >> i'll go for it. visitors to the country's most famous zip code may never hear this greeting again. >> welcome to beverly hills, you have arrived! >> that's because this man
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known as an institution in beverly hills just got laid off. tough times on rodeo drive. the visiters bureau had hired that man, greg donovan, 12 years ago to greet visitors. the visitors bureau can't afford him anymore. it even asked him to relinquish the jacket and the rights to photos and videos of him posing with celebrities but donovan has refuseed. >> have you heard of him before? >> i have heard -- you know, they call it the pretty women syndrome because everyone comes to beverly hills and rodeo drive thinking they can't really shop and he encourages them to go into the stores. 4:57. a facebook stalker. the threats that prompted mark zuckerberg to file a restraining order. an unusual tour at san quentin today. whether it could re-open the doors to executions in california. that story coming up. and what a new government report could tell us about those runaway toyotas.
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>> plus, a california man killed by a rooster. the bizarre cockfight attack that turned deadly for a spectator. ,,,,,,,,,,
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